We are passionate about our candidates presenting themselves in the best possible light in front of decision makers and hiring managers. We are well placed to know what a good, bad and ugly CV looks like, especially for foreign nationals promoting themselves in English.

We will ensure that your CV comes across as a British national#’s CV, that it is not translated literally and that the form is right for the British market (no 1 or 5 page CVs thank you!). If you want to paint the picture of a multi-culturally aware citizen of the world, not only the fluency of your phrases and wording, but crucially the form and structure of your CV can catch you out and reveal your lack of international exposure.

Whether you already have a CV translated into English and you need it proof read and corrected to ensure it flows naturally, or if it requires a complete rewrite, we offer various degrees of translation, correction and proof-reading. This includes a session over the phone to ensure we have a complete understanding of your career and what you want to portray.

You have just secured and interview with an English or American hiring manager. This could be face to face, via video conference or harder even, over the phone. You are concerned whether you will come across professional and fluent enough to impress the interviewer.

We will help you gain confidence and ease in English with two one hour interview preparation sessions by video (such as Skype): the first, to practise your interview skills with some advice on areas to improve and work on, and the second, to apply that advice. Practice makes perfect! You may have foreign friends and colleagues whom you practise your English with regularly, but a full hour interview in English can be much more demanding.