About Us

Founded by Alexandra Bayol Cooper, a French national and permanent UK resident for the last 26 years. After 20 years in sales functions in the UK for Japanese, Australian, American and British organisations, across a variety of industries – capital equipment, automotive, packaging – Alexandra entered the recruitment arena over a decade ago. Her specialist expertise is delivering successful search assignments of senior executives across a variety of disciplines: Operations, Supply Chain, Procurement, Commercial, Marketing, Customer Services, Engineering, Finance. From middle management to C-level: Heads of, Senior Managers, Directors and CEOs/CFOs/COOs, mostly in manufacturing sectors such as food and drink production, consumer goods, aerospace, oil and gas, subsea, capital equipment, automotive, pharmaceuticals, packaging, to name a few.

This constant exposure to recruitment at senior level has strengthened Alexandra’s network in the above sectors, and given her a unique perspective on the expectations of English speaking decision makers when looking for talent in the UK or abroad.
The main theme of her career has been to support and advise French professionals looking for new opportunities either in the UK, or for British groups abroad. English speaking interviewers have different linguistic and cultural expectations and we are well placed to understand those expectations and prepare candidates to optimise their chances of success.


We have been supporting candidates around the world in their quest for new opportunities.